3 Boys Farm, winner of the Governor’s Environmental Leadership Award, is the first NFT Hydroponic operation in the United States to be fully USDA Certified Organic.

Florida Commissioner of Agriculture Charles Bronson & Robert Tornello

We are certified by Primus Food Safety Labs, scoring an impressive 100% on our greenhouses and 99% overall on FDA food safety protocols.

3 Boys Farm uses state-of-the-art identification and traceback systems. Further, all our employees are fully GAP-trained, and all planting and harvesting are performed in sterilized environments.

But we are perhaps most famous for two other things:  our delicious produce (both locally-grown and world-class) and our innovative, award-winning sustainability program.

Sustainability: noun  The quality of not being harmful to the environment or depleting natural resources, and thereby supporting long-term ecological balance.

3 Boys Farm employs solar power, rainwater harvesting, wind capture, and exhaust air redirection as part of our commitment to maintain a miniscule carbon footprint. As a USDA-certified organic farm, we of course do not ever use damaging, unhealthful pesticides and artificial chemical fertilizers; instead, we grow our vegetables, greens, and herbs safely and sustainably, using a combination of spotless, sealed greenhouses, IPM (integrated pest management), bees, and proprietary organic liquid feeds.